2010 - 2011 XNA Framework, Processing



Thresholder is an interactive installation that entices players to discover the rules of the installation and their own social thresholds through playful interaction.

Commisioned by Born Digital for the Freemote Festival.
Execution by Studio L-F with support from Born Digital and Utrecht School of the Arts.

Exposed at the 2011 Freemote festival
Finals candidate for the 2012 Young TalentSpinawards
Recieved a Wildcard for the 2012 Spinawards

Featured in Control Magazine:

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Game Design Lead, Project Lead

Thresholder was by far the most challenging and most rewarding project during USAT. 
It was unique in scope, technical complexity and interaction. 

For me personally it really hit home in which role I feel most comfortable, as design lead I had continuous meetings with the other leads to home in on a specific vision. 

It's where a generalist like me could really shine. 

Joram Wolters Game Design Lead
Marc De Vreede Producer, Team lead

Daan van Hasselt
Core / Driver Programmming
Kenneth Nelson Interaction Programming
Tommy Friedrichs Graphics Programming
Bram Geerlings Game Design, Interaction programming

Tom van der Linden Art Lead, Illustration
Falco Verholen Art Production
Stijn Postmus Art Production

Rutger Muller Audio Lead, Sound Design