Context: Console Game Release

Year: 2022

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Tools: Unity, Maya, Photoshop, FMOD, Audition, Animate


Yellowcake Games 
Lance Krasniqi 
Viktor Trisjin
Joram Wolters

Dashing Dodgems is a fast-paced  multiplayer game about destroying cities and friendships!

In it players drive bumper cars to knock eachother into the water - last car driving wins. Don't take too long though, the environment will start to collapse. 

Show your friends who's boss through visceral gameplay, in a world in which nobody is ever really hurt.


On Dashing Dodgems I worked  on many different aspects, as tends to happen in indie development. 
My contributions encompass Game Design, Level Design, Visual FX, Sound FX, Texturing, User Interface, Illustration, promotion, business development, production and more. 

On this page I have collected some of the work I am most proud of, if you are curious about my other contributions you are more than welcome to get in touch. 

Level Design 

I designed and built seven out of eight playable maps for Dashing Dodgems. Each map has a unique lay-out that matches a certain theme, playmode, or play style.

The maps are all centered around the idea that we want players to constantly circle back to each other in big loops, so that even if someone drives away from the pack they will always eventually find themselves driving right back to them. This matched best with the design pillars that we set out at the beginning of development. 

UI Design

One of my biggest tasks, and the one that required the most intense collaboration was UI design. I ended up designing all of Dashing Dodgem's ui and building it in Unity Canvas. Lance built custom button input on top of that to make sure it worked with having multiple controllers that could disconnect and reconnect at any time. The UI design and implementation process was a strongly collaborative and iterative process. 

Dashing Dodgems being an indie game, I was also involved in a lot of those little tasks that fall between main dev tasks, most notably I
- Built and maintained all the Yellowcake Games websites using wordpress and Fresh Builder
- Created all the sfx with foley recording, audition and FMOD, with exception of the music, which was handled by Manglemoose
- Handled a lot of the outreach to publishers and funds, usually in close collaboration. 
- Created all the graphics and logos for our socials, store pages etc. 
- Handled all illustration work for splash screens, loading screens, posters, banners, printables, stickers etc. 
- Recorded gameplay footage and cinematic footage
- worked closely with Annie Manueke on storyboarding and  editting all the trailers.