Top five most annoying things people ask party photographers.

I’ve been doing party photography for quite a while now, and I’ve noticed that there’s a bunch of annoying questions that keep popping up.
So I’ve written this little list, clarifying why they are annoying, to hopefully keep some of you from asking them.

Please realize whilst reading this, that I hardly get paid (if I get paid at all) for party photography, that I usually work for about six to seven hours straight and that I’ll be navigating a huge drunk crowd for most of that time. Also realize that I’ve heard every single one of these questions at least a hundred times.

Please keep in mind that, while you are standing here, trying to express your desires through your own drunk slurring voice and the noise of the club, I am probably missing out on some wicked shots over at the DJ booth.

Enough with the disclaimers, here it is. 

Old gear

The demise of film.

I know there’s a lot of advantages to our current modern age. I for one can’t imagine a life without my PC, laptop, smartphone and other assorted digital gadgets. I know that having a digital camera which allows me to take around 700 images at ISO’s up to 3200 is the only reason I have become a somewhat known photographer, and I am thoroughly aware that being able to load those images into lightroom and being able to post-process them within a couple of minutes is the only reason I can do what I do.


I hate to see what is happening in the world of film photography.