Duskhearth - LD43


Context: Ludum Dare 43

Year: 2018

Platforms: Windows, WebGL

Tools: Unity, Maya, Photoshop


Yellowcake Games 
Lance Krasniqi 
Viktor Trisjin
Joram Wolters

Help a smattering of newly settled villagers eek out a life on a unique little island in the middle of nowhere. You are all that stands between the cruel fates the GODS have chosen to bestow on them and total eradication. Sacrifice one card out of each hand to prevent the GODS from bestowing that effect on the hapless villagers.

For this gamejam I did the UI design and animation, some sprite animation and VFX. I also collaborated on game design and worked in Unity Timeline to make the Day-Night cycle. 



Playtesting: preparation and execution

This is an article of seven short chapters aimed at helping you design and execute a successful playtest.

Hopefully. after reading this you will have a better understanding of what is involved in executing a playtest and you will have learned some new playtesting methods.