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Captain Capsize

ARRRR ME HEARTIES! You just completed a good ol’ raid and now it’s time to set sail to yer...

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Design Rant: In-game logic versus real world logic

Or why being consistent is so damned important There is an obvious difference between real-world logic and in-game logic....

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Hold on. Back up.

Deep breath.   As I sit here, about to write this, I have a deep, uncomfortable feeling in the...

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Breaking Games part 2 ~ Cheesing

This is part II of a series, missed part one? Click here! Abusing game mechanics or using meta game...

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Breaking games part 1 ~ Off The Map

 On Gamasutra and GameCareerGuide “Ik ben Joram, en het moet kapot” – a phrase coined by a couple of friends...

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Games and the Physical

This supportive narrative concerns research on the question “How do you ensure the interaction between players in the physical space enhances, but does not disrupt, interaction in the digital space?” Through using the design and development of the KOLOM gaming installation and its accompanying game ‘Alien BBQ’ as a case study. It also uses two previous projects and other projects in the field as a research foundation. Finally, this supportive narrative will act as a guideline to follow when designing games which feature physical as well as digital gameplay components.

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Playtesting: preparation and execution

This is an article of seven short chapters aimed at helping you design and execute a successful playtest. Hopefully....

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Top five most annoying things people ask party photographers.

I’ve been doing party photography for quite a while now, and I’ve noticed that there’s a bunch of annoying...

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The future of games distribution

Note from the author: This essay was written in June 2011, considering the current state of transition the industry...

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The demise of film.

I know there’s a lot of advantages to our current modern age. I for one can’t imagine a life...

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